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Order Signal Override Items

Item Order
Switch Override (assembled)
Switch Override (kit)
Circuit Board Parts
6 Terminal Strip with solder connectors for Tomar dual searchlight
Tomar Strip
4 Terminal Strip with solder connectors for Custom Signal Systems or NJI single searchlight
NJI Strip
4 Terminal Strip with solder connectors for IR sensor including resistor and micro miniature IR sensor
IR Strip
Turnout Shadow - Remembers last action for momentary trigger turnouts like ATLAS (DPDT latching relay). Includes 1ft RJ12 6P6C cable.
See the Turnout Shadow Data Sheet.
Turnout Shadow

Order Compatible Searchlight Signals

Signal Type Mast Color Light Colors
(all the same)
There are some other configurations of light colors available. Signals are supplied from Custom Signal Systems. Please contact them for custom projects such as different signal types, light colors, signal bridges, etc.

Diodes may be required to work with the Signal Override if you do not want to use a three color signal with the red, yellow, and green outputs. In that case the unused cycle needs to be merged with one of the other cycles otherwise the signal would be dark.

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